How to Improve Your Agility and Be Fearless During an Obstacle Race in 12 Weeks

Obstacle races offer a unique avenue to build your body and mind and have fun at the same time. You don’t need to be a pro athlete to participate in the races.

Despite that, be ready for tough challenges that will stretch your strength, endurance, speed and explore your weaknesses.

During the Challenge Up Your Body and Mind 12 week program, you will practice the actual obstacles just to prepare you and give you a feel of how the race will be.

You can never be completely ready for the exhaustion, adrenaline rush or fear of the real event. Nevertheless, with well-combined workouts in this program, you will be fearless and ready to tackle the obstacles.

Practice makes perfect

Nothing will drive fear than lack of practice. You will fidget and hesitate and before long you will have a burpee penalty in every obstacle.

Adequate preparation before the real event will help you build strength and endurance that is crucial to completing the race.

Climbing over walls, crawling through mud, carrying loads are some activities that you can expect.

Going through the Challenge up your Body and Mind Program will prepare you mentally and physically and make you ready for the event.

Start with the end in mind

What do you want to achieve at the end of the race? Imagine the well-built muscles and lean body, the confidence that you went through the course to the end and triumphed, the bragging rights at your office and the medals.

Also, you will have faced your fears and overcame all phobias. What else can boost self-esteem like that? You will also learn how to struggle through life challenges head on and survive in the long run.

Be positive

Fear can be crippling, daunting and a hindrance to enjoying life.  Learn to be fearless in the face of obstacles and shut off all negative thoughts and doubts that may derail you from focusing on winning.

Concentrate on the positive aspects of the race like having fun, making friends, overcoming your fears and winning.

Sign up for a training program

You must prepare adequately before participating in an obstacle race. You can’t wake up one day and go and join unless you want to fail terribly.

Your body must be given time to adapt before going for the vigorous races.

The Challenge Up your Body and Mind Program can help you work on your endurance, boost your whole body strength and improve your will power and self-confidence to complete the obstacle race.

The program will incorporate nutritional guidance so that you can optimize your health for good performance.

Obstacle races are unique in the sense that it requires the use of the entire muscle in the body. The result is that you will have well-toned muscles and improved stamina and self-esteem.

Challenge Up Your Body and Mind Program will guide you to condition your muscles, improve agility and speed and give guidance on nutrition for increased performance like never before.

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