The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your First Obstacle Run/Spartan Race.

Why You Should Sign up for This 12-Week Obstacle Course Program.

Are you looking forward to having an exciting time of adventure and crazy fun? Are you ready to get covered in mud and get the thrill of crawling under electrified wires?

If you have signed up for warrior dash or Spartan race or any obstacle race for the first time, you need someone to hold your hand as you learn the tricks and tactics of the race.

If you want to be successful in any race, it’s essential to have adequate training before you get to the start line.

You will need to develop courage, strength, and badass willpower to get you through the race so that you can cross the finish line with a victory smile.

Fortunately, the Challenge up Your Body and Mind Program will prep you for your first race and increase your odds of success.

Comprehensive training

Do you want to be conditioned before your next obstacle race? The program will include work out plans that will help you to boost strength and endurance and increase your speed so that you can complete the races on time.

The program will include all the basics for beginners and more info for frequent racers. For 12 weeks, the program will focus on strength building, increasing endurance and increasing speed.

You will train to be comfortable running 5-20 km by tackling nearly similar obstacles as in the main event. The course is designed to help you achieve maximum and includes rest days.

You will be ready to tackle any obstacle race organizers throw at you if you’re an active runner, athlete, or fitness trainer.

Nutrition guidance

The program will also include individualized nutrition guidance. What you eat before the race can make or break your chances to win or lose.

You can completely deplete your energy source and be bagged by fatigue if you choose the wrong regimen.

Lack of proper nutrition training before the race can lower your performance, slow you down and leave you very fatigued.

Confused on what to eat and drink to optimize your performance? This is the right program for you.

Boost mindset

How successful you will be in each obstacle is entirely dependent on your attitude. Believe that you can conquer any challenge thrown at you and you will.

Let fear control you and you will fail miserably. The training program will help you develop the right mindset to be successful.

Optimizing performance

The wrong attire can ruin your fun and hinder your progress. Some attire may look great only to fall apart during the race as you run.  We will help you select credible sources for your attire.

This 12-week program is meant to help you get to the finish line and get you to the victory side.

The program includes different workouts that will include running and some actual challenges that you will find in the obstacle race.

The program will help you to be prepared to move quickly, crawl through the mud, leap over walls effortlessly and be among the top cream.

What else will boost your self-esteem like that? What are you waiting for?

Sign up for the Challenge Up Your Body and Mind Program.


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