This 12 Week Long Challenge Up Program Will Get Your Body and Mind to Finish an Adventurous Obstacle Race and Boost Your Self-Esteem.



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Are you tired of working long hours holed up in your office? Do you want to step out into an adventurous race that is mad fun and will boost your stamina and self-esteem?

Do you want to hang out with your buddies and have fun hill climbing, running, swimming and rope climbing and feel alive again?

Have signed up for your first Obstacle race but don’t know where to start from? Worry not I will tell you how.

Obstacle racing demands total body fitness. To get ready for an obstacle race you will need the training to ensure that you’re prepared to hack all the obstacles and have fun.

The Challenge Up Your Body and Mind course will focus on workouts for strength building, running, rope climbing crawls and endurance training.

Prepare to encounter a variety of races with this scalable training plan that’s designed to boost power, strength, and mobility.

Core areas in the course

Improving whole body strength

You will need both upper body and lower body strength to navigate under barbed wires, climb hills, climb ropes and carry sand filled bags.

You don’t want to run of out energy halfway through the race and miss out on the fun. The program will include some strength building to make sure you are ready to complete the whole race.

Increasing endurance

Obstacle races require a perfect combination of strength and endurance in competition. You will need explosive strength and endurance and stamina to complete the race.

Or else how do you keep going on and on in a 5 to 20km race full of obstacles and adrenaline rush, not forgetting barbed wires and the risk to be electrocuted?

Prior practice will help you do that. The course will include sprints, and long runs to build endurance so that you can get across the finish line.

Increasing speed and agility

The 12-week program includes a variety of workouts that will include running and some actual challenges that you will find in the obstacle race.

You can’t afford to get time penalties and burpee penalties because you failed to hack an obstacle as required.

 Nutrition guidance

Obstacle races will help you build an amazing athletic body by turning workouts as mad fun and also make fitness something to look forward to.

Moreover, it is a sure way to get new thrills and feel alive. Nevertheless, some people fail and walk the entire time.

While there’s nothing wrong in accepting defeat, you will boost your self-esteem if you can go through the entire event and even win.

You wouldn’t want to stop halfway through the race with the lack of energy, a rumbling stomach due to missing out on having healthy meals to boost your energy levels.

This course will give your training on how to get a lean body, what to eat and drink to get optimum performance and how to be in shape for the training and the race.

This 12-week program is meant to get your ready for the race, get to the finish line on the victory side.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for the Challenge up Your Body and Mind Program.

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