How to Boost Your Determination and Will Power to Finish an Obstacle Course Race in 12 Weeks

Obstacle races include a myriad of grueling and complex physical exercises. The races aim to boost the physical and mental capabilities of the participants.

It is also a nice way to break the monotony of office hours and from being stuck up in traffic. When you sign up for the course, you should be prepared to undergo adrenaline rush, climbing over walls and crawling under barbed wires.

So how do you keep on going to the finish line even amidst bruises, hair sticking up on barbed wire and your face covered in mud?

Adequate training

Your main aim of enrolling to the obstacle course should be to have fun. Nevertheless, you will encounter mud trails, barbed wires, and walls to climb and without prior training, you will fail badly.

You don’t want to stop halfway through the course and feel like a failure. You need adequate training to boost your strength and endurance.

Being ready for the race will increase your courage to face even the deadliest of the obstacles because you’re fiery and have overcome fear.

This Challenge up Your Body and Mind 12-week course including strength training, endurance workouts and agility will boost our chances to be confident and succeed in the challenges.

Have the right mindset

You probably have heard the much emphasis on the importance of having the right mindset if you want to achieve any goal, and I conquer with it.

Our thoughts affect our actions and can either make us win or lose because there is a relationship between our mind, thoughts, and actions.

Tactics like visualization, meditation and self-talk can boost your mental capacity to handle challenges.

Be careful about what you tell yourself. If you believe an obstacle is very hard and beyond your ability, then you will fail.

On the other hand, if you motivate yourself that you have all it takes to hack any challenge then success in the course is eminent.

Be positive

Don’t allow challenges to bring your motivation down. Failure should not make you feel bad about yourself. The obstacles could be tough, but you’ll feel so much better about yourself if you complete the course. After all, the race being tough is the essence of the thrill.

Knowing how you’ve been challenged and stretched yourself, faced your fears is what makes it even greater. You had a rough time, but you’ve done it!

Work with a team

Don’t go to the battle alone! Register with your colleagues at work or your friends or family members.

Team members will not only boost your morale and hold your hand when you fall but also, faster members can go ahead and win, and it will be counted to the time of your team. If you don’t have willing friends, you can always make new friends during the course.

Ready to have fun? Ready for your first obstacle race?

Sign up for the Challenge up Your Body and Mind Program to get you ready.

Also, encourage your friends to sign up and go have fun together. Remember you can do all that you set your mind to. The power is in your hands.

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